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Sonia Arruda
Miss Sonia

Hi, as you all know my name is Sonia and I am the director of Eco Kids Learning Center. We opened in September 2013 as a family business and I'm proud to say we're going strong! I have worked in the childcare field since 1997 and love what I do. I could not see myself doing anything other than working with young children and watching them grow and develop into unique individuals.

My career started when I finished high school and gave working at Precious Memories Preschool my ultimate dedication. Once I started working with children I just knew that my career would always revolve around the Early Education field. I have worked with every age group from three months to nine years old and have watched so many children blossom and grow throughout the years. I was offered the opportunity to become the director of Precious Memories in 2005 and I was thrilled to be recognized and thought of, but I was also torn between this great opportunity to be a director or work directly with the children as their teacher. In the end I chose the new opportunity and still enjoy spending as much time observing and interacting as I can throughout the course of the day. During my time working in the field I have met so many special children and families that have made a huge impact on myself and it has given me the courage and confidence to continue doing what I love and being successful.

My goal for this learning center is to make sure every child expresses themselves and grows in the best nurturing atmosphere that can be offered. We make sure that every child has a name and not just a face as they are all so unique. I truly enjoy my time working with all of our families and staff members. I feel we have become a family and that alone means the world to me. We enjoy all the little smiles every day from our loving children and families as they pass through our doors. We all look forward to watching your children grow and develop throughout their time here at Eco Kids Learning Center.

Aside from work I have an amazing little girl who was born in 2008 and her name is Sophia. She is a unique little and loving little girl who loves ballet, performing, friends, crafting, and playing in the mud just like her mama. I take two half days off each week to spend some quality time with her doing what we love. Besides my daughter I am also very close to my mom (Ms. Lucy), dad (Mr. Gil), sister (Ms. Letitia or Ms. Tishy), and brother (Kendrick). My family and I are a team that makes sure we establish a safe and nurturing atmosphere for your children.

  • Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
  • Lead Preschool Teacher
  • Director I and II






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